• Andy Lemiere

John's Super Awesome Geek Collection!

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

If your local newspaper ever features you about movies or collectibles, you know you're doing something right. Our buddy John is a MASSIVE Star Wars fan, has an incredible toy collection and is this week's featured #showmeyourcollection

"I’ve been I’ve been collecting since 1977. Marvel Comics and then all the Kenner toys. Took breaks here and there during

my lifetime, but always come back to collecting. It’s in my blood." - John

If you ask him what his favorite piece in his collection is, he'll tell you that it changes depending on his mood, but it will likely land on his carded 12-back Darth Vader. Hard to argue with that classic! He also likes to have fun at Cons. You can tell by the gallery that he loves to interact with those that are bringing Star Wars to life. In one of the photos below, I think he's even auditioning to be the next Salacious B. Crumb....or was it #HuttSlayer Leia?

You can find John @awesomegeekshow and @favstarwarsfigs on Twitter, and he does toy reviews on youTube "Super Awesome Geek Show". He's a wealth of knowledge on many kinds of toys and toy-lines. Thank you for sharing John!

Each week Andy and Josh on ”Holochronicles“ features a Star Wars collection every weekend using the hashtag #showmeyourcollection. If you have a Star Wars collection of any size, please DM us @holochronicles on Twitter, or email us at holochronicles@gmail.com We'd love to see what you're into!