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“It’s a f***ing massive relief,” McGregor talks keeping "Kenobi" secret from Star Wars fans

Now that Ewan McGregor has been confirmed to be reprising his role as Obi-Wan Kenobi for a new Disney+ series, he seems pretty comfortable dropping some knowledge.

McGregor played the young Obi-Wan in "Star Wars: The Phantom Menace" in 1999 and also appeared in the other two "Star Wars" prequels.

McGregor spoke to the Associated Press at Tuesday night's premiere of "Doctor Sleep." He said he understands the secrecy around the larger franchise films.

"And now [that] the cat is out of the bag that we're doing again, I'm really excited about it," McGregor said. "It's a really phenomenal storyline that we're going to tell."

McGregor revealed to Men's Journal earlier this week that Kenobi will be six hour-long episodes.

The most personal reveal might have been on the 44-year-old's appearance on late-night television with Jimmy Kimmel.

McGregor, 44, appeared on JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE! during Halloween week where he sported a Kenobi looking beard and answered questions about the secrecy of the franchise.

"Once they started making spin-off movies, there was such a lot of speculation about an Obi-Wan spin-off. And I was asked every time I did an interview by people, would I do it? And it just became embarrassing, because it sounded a bit like I was trying to get the part from Disney. You know, like, I was saying, 'Well, you know. Well, if they give me a call, I'd be, you know, I'd be interested," he said. "Fans [would] like being angry with Disney, saying, 'They better not cast someone else.' And I was thinking, 'Who else are they going to cast, you know? Like just let me say it.'"

Disney announced the "Kenobi" series at the D23 Expo in August. It is believed to debut on the streaming service in 2020 but other accounts suggest 2021 is a more realistic timetable.

The Kenobi series was recently mentioned in the conundrum of reports surrounding Benioff and Weiss' departure from Star Wars. It was indirectly confirmed that Kenobi was going to be a spin-off film but then was further developed into the series that will now be available on Disney+.

Let's spend a moment on that rumored Kenobi movie. One might remember that happened in 2017. That was a report that included Stephen Daldry at the helm. That project and any other possible Star Wars story seemed scrapped after the low box office performance of Solo: A Star Wars story. If you're interested in a record of the list of directors attached and cut off from Star Wars projects, we included that in our original piece covering the Benioff and Weiss fiasco.

Disney's new streaming service Disney+ debuts November 12th with The Mandalorian's first episode immediately available.