• David Amelotti

Inaugural BTBD Pod-A-Thon raises more than $2,000 to grant kid's wishes

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

Dozens of Star Wars fans from across the galaxy joined us on a wild adventure that compares to the Kessel Run, Pod-A-Thon 2020, presented by The Beyond The Blast Doors Network on Saturday, September 5th.

The event raised more than $2,100 dollars between donations made in the United States and Canada. Everything was made possible by our Star Wars community that watched and donated.

The event was 13 hours of original programming which featured special guests including Alex Damon of the YouTube channel, Star Wars Explained, Author Alex Segura, Kessel Run Transmissions, Fantha Tracks with Mark Newbold, Sistas with Sabers, and Bespin Bulletin.

Plus, we debuted a brand new show to our network, Bounty Hunting! This is a galactic Ebay adventure that features some of our galaxies finest bounty hunters who search for the best, the worst, and weirdest finds on the internet.

This is what Beyond The Blast Doors patron, Michael had to say about the debut show. "It was a blast! Bounty Hunters was great, especially Gerry's... unique find. Absolutely cracked me up while I was stuck at work, And it's truly incredible what you guys did and how much this community was able to raise over the course of that day. It's truly a testament to what a great supportive community the network has cultivated. Thank you for organizing the Podathon. I'm sure it took tons of work to put on such an entertaining event, but more importantly it was for a noble cause."

We are proud our Star Wars conversation Saturday had an international audience. A big thanks to the Paliboys and Mark and Paul with Fantha Tracks. While the guys were talking about the current state of the franchise, Star Wars fans from both sides of "The Pond" were fostering new friendships.

Star Wars fan community advocate and BTBD patron, RuralFarmBoy had this to say, "One Heck‘ve a Fun day spent with Sooo Many Friends ! Even more friends from other #StarWars podcast Shows ! New Bounty Huntin’ Show’s absolutely got a spot in my Playlist ! Done a Great thing to make kids’s Wishes come true!"

We are incredibly thankful and proud of what we all accomplished together. Saturday exceeded our expectations in every way. Your generosity forced us to increase our goal three times. We hit our original goal before we finished our first show of the day! We cannot offer enough thanks to our audience and our guests.

A special thanks to Around The Galaxy Host and BTBDNET Co-Founder, Pete Fletzer for spearheading this effort. His vision, energy and his uncanny ability to juggle his marriage and his podcast family enabled Saturday's event to be the exhilarating experience so many of us got to enjoy.

You can find all 13 hours of the inaugural BTBD Pod-A-Thon directly below. What was your favorite moment from #PodAThon2020? Tell us on Twitter, tag us @BTBDNET! Also, let us know what you think we should do next year!

The Beyond The Blast Doors Network began in spring of 2020. We are committed to an inclusive, fun, and thought-provoking Star Wars experience. Welcome to our Star Wars conversation!