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Editorial: Two ways to #MakeSolo2Happen, and the better option is on Disney+

Updated: May 25, 2020

The idea of a "Solo" sequel is a spark among the Star Wars fandom. Many wonder if the next chapter of Solo's story will take place on the big screen for a theatrical release or if it could be manufactured into a streaming series. BTBD's Pete Fletzer knows exactly where he stands on the topic. He believes when Lucasfilm does #MakeSolo2Happen and it will, the story will be best delivered in the form of Disney+ series. In this article, Pete outlines his reasons why there shouldn't be any hesitation about how this story is told.

Han Solo, as a character, was born a swashbuckling, trouble-finding hero. No other Star Wars lead lends themselves better the classic serial-style George Lucas had in mind when he created the story. Disney+ has proven that running a series week-to-week builds the perfect amount of fan engagement and what would be better than to give the viewers 8-12 weeks of cliffhangers. I say, even bring back Tom Kane to lead with “last week, our hero the dashing Han Solo found himself dangling over an angry nest of gundarks...” or end each episode with his baritone, “tune in next week to see how our hero gets himself out of this one.”

Furthermore, Han Solo has a history of living from scheme to scheme, each starting out as elaborate ideas that will finally be his way out and then blossom out of his control. Why not put him in one “Ozark”-like predicament to the next. Every time it seems our hero’s plan is going to work out, another unforeseen, but utterly plausible event changes his plans and puts him further away from safety and finally seeing his plan come together.

With that in mind, an eight to twelve part series gives the story tellers the time they need to put all the pieces on the board and watch every dejarick move play itself out in exquisite detail. Without the pressure of trying to jam an elaborate plot, multiple twists and a believable conclusion into 140 minutes, the story will breather and ultimately be more satisfying.

A series also allows for multiple characters to make guest appearances and cameos. Multiple chapters will make it easy for Han to start, say, in Jabba’s palace, cross paths with famous bounty hunters, have run-ins with various crime bosses and evade the Empire and the Rebels. In the multi-platform universe that Disney is building for Star Wars, an entire episode setting up a feud between Boba Fett and Han Solo would be part of a larger story. Depending on the timing, he could even run into Obi-Wan Kenobi in the Cantina on Tatooine. An episode could be spent on him trying to save Qi’ra running a side quest for Enfys Nest – all without having to pull away from the tight and tidy story structure that a motion picture tentpole needs to follow.

More importantly, a series takes the pressure off of trying to deliver on everything the fans want in one package. A successful run begets a second season to explore more items on the fan wish list while not trying to shoehorn them into another story. Star Wars fans are smart and can smell fan service a mile away.

Finally, a series give the fans more of one of our all-time favorite characters. While Luke is in arguably the star of the OT, Han has more backstory. Twelve hours with him becoming the boastful pilot we meet in Episode IV setting up shop in a corner of the cantina and coos “Han Solo, captain of the Millennium Falcon” is a story that not only is one we want to see, but one that is most deserving of getting the best, most nurtured one. What do you think of Pete's points that a sequel to Solo: A Star Wars story should drop on Disney+. Tweet us your thoughts at @BTBDNet to continue this Star Wars conversation!