• Andy Lemiere

HasLab's 2nd Project: The Razor Crest

The HasLab history:

Nearly three years ago, Hasbro announced a new crowd-sourced project - Jabba's Khetanna Sail Barge. The goal was to get 5,000 backers (at $500 apiece) to fund a Star Wars vehicle to scale for 3.75" figures. It was to be highly detailed and backers had to wait nearly a year to receive it. The vehicle also came with a unique Yak Face figure.

Both Josh and I "backed the Barge" and it was totally worth it! We were updated throughout the process and were completely satisfied with the end result! Needless to say, we are absolutely on board with the new venture.

The next HasLab project was announced at the Hasbro Pulse-Con last Friday: the Mandalorian's Razor Crest. It will again be a crowd-sourced project with a goal of 6,000 backers at $350 each. In less than 24 hours, Hasbro has already reached the desired number of supporters with 44 days to go. LET'S GO!

The preliminary moc-ups for the Razor Crest look amazing! This will come with a unique Mandalorian-in-Beskar figure. Hasbro says this will be shipped in the Fall of 2021. You have until November 9th to decide if this is a venture you want to dive into!

Do you think you will "back the Crest"? Let us know @BTBDNet or @holochronicles