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Hasbro Reveals The Black Series Darth Revan Force FX Elite Lightsaber

Thank the maker! Hasbro gave Star Wars fans something to cheer about with the new Black Series Darth Revan Force FX Elite Lightsaber on Sunday. This beauty has every bell and whistle a fan could ask for.

According to its description, the saber combines advanced LEDs and video game-inspired sound effects, the real metal hilt features design and deco based on Darth Revan's iconic lightsaber from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic video game franchise.

Fans have the option to display the lightsaber on a sweet stand and even display the kyber crystal in some kind of cool looking chamber.

Maybe the coolest function of this saber is the progressive ignition described and the sound effect catalog which includes the blast deflection and wall-cutting effects. THE FREAKING BLADE CHANGES FROM PURPLE-TO-RED!!!!

Pre-order is now available. To help you out, we have that link for you right here to click so you can secure this fine addition to your collection.

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