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Five Reasons We Want to #MakeSolo2Happen

#MakeSolo2Happen is not just a catchy hashtag and very cool t-shirt among the Star Wars twitter community. It is a representation of hope for furthering the story of “young” Han Solo

and his furry friend, Chewbacca. It is the desire of a fan base to go back to a story that was clearly unfinished and designed to spawn sequels. But, as importantly as all of that, it is a movement that rallies an often splintered community.

As we countdown to the day designated by our friends on SWNN’s The Resistance Broadcast, we here at The Beyond the Blast Doors Network are looking toward May 25 as another day to celebrate Star Wars with the most passionate of all fandoms. Today we are sharing "Five Reasons We Want Solo 2 to Happen" – and we don’t care if it’s a film or Disney+ series. Just give us more Solo!

And here’s why...

5. Alden Ehrenreich

There was no way anyone would be happy with any other actor than Harrison Ford playing the legendary Han Solo. Between the exalted status of the character and the celebrated charisma of the actor who played him, the thespian who took the role would be judged by diehard Star Wars nerds and casual fans alike. It was a no-win situation but Alden Ehrenreich took on the mantle and delivered. What made Alden’s performance so Impressive was that he never once tried to impersonate Harrison Ford. He captured the essence of Han with a subtle smirk or wave. Ehrenreich would have failed if he tried to BE Harrison Ford. Instead, he interpreted him and captured a pre-New Hope rogue wannabe tough guy while trying to casually subdue the “good guy” inside. He earned the right to continue to play his Han Solo.

4. Legends

Some of the most beloved extended universe stories among Star Wars fans are

ones that starred a younger Han Solo. Ask most fans to list their favorite Star Wars books and it won’t take them long to name Brian Daley’s “Han Solo at Star’s End” or AC Crispin’s “Paradise Snare.” A live action series that captures Solo’s story before the fateful meeting with Luke and Obi-Wan could easily introduce characters like Ploovo Two-For-One or Bria Tharen and canonize them into the current Star Wars mythology. We’ve seen some animated Falleen but what about making Xizor canon as either Black Sun or ...

3. Crimson Dawn

Clearly referenced and established in the final arc of The Clone Wars, Maul’s crime family is begging to be explored and in Solo: A Star Wars Story Han not only didn’t finish the job they hired him for, he double-crossed them. By the time a Solo 2 tale would open, our protagonist is on the run from what seems to be a very dangerous cartel. With Han’s reputation of making deals to get out of trouble caused by other deals, it would be wonderful to watch him negotiate and maneuver through a strained relationship with an ex-Sith Lord and an ex-girlfriend (Q’ira). Not only that he is a fugitive of the Empire which could play nicely into the reason he botched his mission with ...

2. The Hutts

When we meet Han and Chewie in A New Hope, he is in hock to the dreaded Hutt Clan. It is strongly inferred at the end of Solo: A Star Wars Story that the human and Wookiee duo are on their way to take the job from Jabba that ended up bringing him into the Star Wars story. They showed us the Kessel Run. Why not show us the job that ultimately led to the most important event in his smuggling career. If he had not taken the job from Jabba and dumped the cargo when he was boarded by the Imperial Navy, he wouldn’t have needed to accept the job from Luke and Kenobi. If he didn’t take that gig from the old man and the kid, he doesn’t meet the Princess and Kylo Ren is never born. You can draw a straight line between him dumping the spice and the “death” of all the Sith at the end of Episode IX. OK, that’s still up for a debate not to be had here, but there is no denying “Han and Hutts” is more important to the saga than the story we got in “Solo.” And you know who would love to see that story?

1. The Fans

This is an opportunity for Disney and Lucasfilm to show that they are listening to the fans. At this writing, the last 100 uses of #MakeSolo2Happen in Twitter reached 82,000 people. Yea, I

don’t know what it means either but it’s a lot of fans in a three hour period. To be clear, no one is owed anything and the #MakeSolo2Happen campaign is nothing like the #ReleaseTheSnyderCut movement. The call to get more of the Han

Solo story comes from a place of pure fan love. James, John and Lacey of The Resistance Broadcast, and the fans who’ve adopted the hashtag have never demanded anything. It has always come as an enthusiastic proclamation of love for the Star Wars film that has been unfairly called a failure and a show of support for giving us more.

How do you feel about these reasons for Making Solo 2 happen? Let us know which reasons we missed! Tweet Pete at @FletzerPete or tweet us @BTBDNET to continue this Star Wars conversation!