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Episode 33 | Will Lando Upstage Han in Solo A Star Wars Story?

Episode 33 (Recorded on Sunday March 25th) of Beyond The Blast Doors - A Star Wars Podcast. The BTBD guys talk Rian Johnson’s New Trilogy underway, Boyega talks Ep. IX, End of an era in Star Wars comics, and Hasbro’s Haslab project Jabba the Hutt. Plus, WE NOW HAVE AN OFFICIAL SPONSOR. Watch now to learn how the Fantasy Shop in Maplewood, MO will give you a chance to win weekly. And we got fan mail!! We open it up with you right here, right now!

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Reel Talk

-Rian Johnson and Ram Bergman Confirms Work has begun on new trilogy

-John Boyega Says Ep. IX will be all out war