• Andy Lemiere

Dave's Vintage Toy Room | Holochronicles #showmeyourcollection

David has a fun room filled with all sorts of vintage toys. There's a bit of everything in there - and a lot of Star Wars. Like many of us, David's collection comes from a fond nostalgia for the toys of his youth. So how did it all start for him?

"I started seriously collecting vintage toys about 7 years ago, so a relative newcomer in this world. Although my love of vintage and collecting goes way back. For example, I like to restore and fix old things like cars and have a collection of Automobilia. My son also got the bug for cars and so we’d visit toy fairs to find die-cast vehicles for him to play with and I’d spot all these toys from my own childhood. One thing lead to another, and before I knew it I was building a collection of 70s and 80s vintage toys including Action Man, Transformers, Micronauts and of course Star Wars."

That is one of the cleanest x-wings i've ever seen, do you try to get mostly Palitoy toys when

possible? Having grown up in the UK, whenever I see the Palitoy logo it takes me straight back to my childhood. On my daily walk to school I’d pass a toy shop which had shelves of Star Wars and Action Man. So yes, I will pick up Palitoy items if I can but it’s not my goal. I like variety in my collection :) I couldn’t believe my luck with that X-wing as It was a pure ‘in-the-wild’ find. I picked it up at a local small Sunday antiques fair where most people have no clue that vintage toys are a thing. This one table had the X-Wing, five of the first 12 figures and X-wing Luke all with accessories for £10. I was smiling all the way home!!

I know there is a lot to choose from, but what's your favorite SW item/why? I have a few favourite items but the one I have the most connection with is my boxed Star Wars Land Speeder. It’s the one item that has the most nostalgic memories as I clearly remember playing with one as a child, and perhaps because of that I still love those scenes in Star Wars with Luke, Ben and the droids on the Land Speeder....Another is the sealed Yoda hand puppet - I mean I love Yoda and this is just slightly weird. You bet it is, and we love it too! What's the next thing on your Star Wars collecting horizon? This year I’m hunting for a boxed Millennium Falcon. My mate at school had one and I thought it was amazing, so I did what all children do and created a cardboard Falcon for my figures. It was surprisingly detailed. (We'd love to see it!) It would be fantastic to finally own a real one. I’m also looking for a Blue Snaggletooth but find it difficult to pull the trigger given the prices they go for now.

You can reach Dave on Twitter @vintagetoyrush and let him know what you think of his primo Trooper buckets! If you have a Star Wars collection (of any size), let us know! You can email us at holochronicles@gmail.com or DM us on Twitter @holochronicles