• Andy Lemiere

A Star Wars collection that covers ground and SPACE, Holochronicles #ShowMeYourCollection challenge

Trying to describe Dave Clark's Star Wars collection is tough because there's so much and it covers a lot of different areas. He has 12", 3.75", vintage, modern, LEGO, Black Series, figures and vehicles - and even strange things like this Gillette Razor display.

When asked what his favorite items were, Dave replied, "My original copy of Splinter of the Minds Eye. Published 1978. I got it when I was about 7-8 (about 1980-81). First non-kiddy book I ever owned. Its battered, I have had to use sellotape to repair it, buts it been with me 40 years, when I went to Uni, moved out of my parents, 4 house moves since then. It's superb. And the first instance of a book being moved to Legends. It was written by Alan Dean Foster (who also wrote Star Wars) as a 2nd part to The Adventures of Luke Skywalker before anyone realized how much of a hit Star Wars was. Then as soon as work began on Empire it was no longer canon. Love those types of facts. Makes the novel even more special. And from a figure perspective. My Diamond Select Ultimate Quarter Scale range. I have Maul, Han in Hoth gear, Luke as a Jedi, Old Ben from A New Hope and Mace Windu. All are 19inches tall, about 10-12 years old now. Stunning face sculpts. Better than HotToys of the same age."

So much Star Wars goodness! What was your favorite item? The Commander Wolfe helmet is very cool. "The Genndy range is superb. One of the few parts of my collection I have left packaged." We couldn't agree more with Dave. The Tartakovsky cartoon and figure line is a lot of fun.

You can find Dave on Twitter @thebidbod, and let him know what you think! Remember, if you have a Star Wars collection, of any size, reach out to us at holochronicles@gmail.com or DM us @holochronicles, and we will feature you for our weekly #showmeyourcollection