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BTBD Network partners with Make-A-Wish for Pod-A-Thon 2020, need is great during pandemic

The Beyond The Blast Doors Network picked the Make-A-Wish Foundation as the recipient of all money raised from Pod-A-Thon 2020 on September 5th. It turns out, the foundation is in big need of money and volunteers because like most, the pandemic has taken a toll on the organization's work.

Carol Tebockhorst works for the foundation in Iowa. She spoke with BTBD Net's David Amelotti to explain the challenges right now, how wishes are granted, and how someone can volunteer to help coordinate wish granting.

"The biggest change for us during the pandemic is we can't grant travel wishes," Tebockhorst explained. "Kids can't travel. Some are still waiting and that's where hope becomes essential. We still provide that by sending gifts. A big thing now is a travel trailer. That way some kids can travel that couldn't otherwise. For example with the storm in Iowa, a family got a travel trailer and are living in it because their house was destroyed."

There are various levels someone can donate to support Make-A-Wish. Each tier unlocks a new type of wish that foundation is able to deliver thanks to a donor's generosity.

"Right now 74% of every dollar raised in Iowa for example goes towards a wish. It really doesn't matter the amount. If you're talking, you make $100. That would help a send off party for a kid. So when we present a wish to them, we also give them a party. Or at the $300 level we could offer accessories. At the $500 level it might be a sweet sixteen dress. The average cost for a wish in Iowa is $13,000."

Make-A-Wish is constantly fundraising. Tebockhorst says it takes about 12 months to grant a wish. During the pandemic, it is taking the organization almost 30 months. She said the foundation is always looking for additional corporate sponsors to continue the ability to grant wishes year round.

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