• Andy Lemiere

Blatz's 43-year-old collection is museum worthy | Holochronicles #showmeyourcollection feature

Each week Andy and Josh on ”Holochronicles“ features a Star Wars collection every weekend using the hashtag #showmeyourcollection. This weekend Andrew Blatz shared with us a collection he's been cultivating since 1977. It is . . . most impressive!!!

This is a collection that a mere eight photos cannot contain. Here's a short list of all the Star Wars collectible glory you will see: vintage Kenner figures/vehicles/playsets, modern figures/vehicles, Black Series, Funko Pops, light sabers, autographed photos, pins, busts, plates, cups, Christmas ornaments, posters, and more!

His most prized items are an original Revenge of the Jedi poster and a 1st edition Star Wars book - which are fantastic!

You can find him on Twitter @andyjedi16. You Can watch and or listen to Josh and Andy explore his collection on this week’s full episode!

What do you think of Andrew’s collection? Be sure you hit us up on Twitter @holochronicles to continue this Star Wars conversation!