• Beyond The Blast Doors

Beyond The Blast Doors LIVE returns Wednesday, August 25th!

Happy Wednesday! I'm really excited for this day to be here. It's basically an eight month hiatus that ends tonight. We have a packed show with Mandalorian, exploring Qi'ra's larger role in Star Wars comics, the Star Wars Visions trailer was incredible, and I share with you some moments from my trip to Galaxy's Edge last month. I want you to know this show moving forward will be slightly different. My hope is it's a better experience for you. A bit more scripted at times. If I have a point, I really want to communicate effectively with you. I think a point can be made more clearly in two minutes than seven. Also, a few little things to add some production. I have more ideas that I'll roll out but I really just want consistency. I want this to be a show where you plan on making it a part of your weekly routine. Maybe that would be easier if we changed times. It's something I've thought about. Maybe an hour earlier. Maybe on a Saturday morning? Again, if I move time slots, I just want to make sure I'm consistently there for you to get a break of the daily routine and have a few laughs.

Of course, things do look different here. In May, the network disbanded. First things first, I admire everyone who was part of that collaboration. We are still great friends. To be honest, I carried some guilt in that, I wasn't around. But it was natural because that's how our world is as this pandemic starts to show signs of a return to the way things were, we will go back to doing our own thing. But for one year, this group of creative, passionate, sweet people did this experiment where all this Star Wars content was created and it's really special. You will see those guys and girls stop by often to give their take or show their collection, I have no doubt in my mind.

This feels good. Something in my head went off last week that gave me the feeling I could do my show again and not feel guilt. For a while, it felt like I was taking time away from Dad, my wife, other family and friends. And really maybe it's simply I was overwhelmed with my Dad's failing health, the pandemic, my job, knowing I could be better in a lot of ways. At some point we go from kid to adult and I'm looking forward to seeing the role this saga/franchise I love so much, plays in my life following my Dad's death.

So these are just some basic thoughts I wanted to share with you before the day really gets rolling. I would be honored if you would join me at 10 PM EST/7 PM PT tonight and by the way, welcome to our Star Wars conversation.