• Beyond The Blast Doors

Beyond The Blast Doors LIVE returns Wednesday, August 25th!

Happy Wednesday! I'm really excited for this day to be here. It's basically an eight month hiatus that ends tonight. We have a packed show with Mandalorian, exploring Qi'ra's larger role in Star Wars comics, the Star Wars Visions trailer was incredible, and I share with you some moments from my trip to Galaxy's Edge last month. I want you to know this show moving forward will be slightly different. My hope is it's a better experience for you. A bit more scripted at times. If I have a point, I really want to communicate effectively with you. I think a point can be made more clearly in two minutes than seven. Also, a few little things to add some production. I have more ideas that I'll roll out but I really just want consistency. I want this to be a show where you plan on making it a part of your weekly routine. Maybe that would be easier if we changed times. It's something I've thought about. Maybe an hour earlier. Maybe on a Saturday morning? Again, if I move time slots, I just want to make sure I'm consistent