• Andy Lemiere

Author Chad Gibbs "Balances" His Office with Star Wars & GI Joes

Like many current 40 year olds, Chad grew up loving Star Wars and GI Joe. There was a 10 year stretch where they were the biggest toy lines in the world! Now that he's an adult, Chad is recapturing some of his childhood memories by collecting both lines - which is awesome!

Click on the photos below to see up close some of the items he has - maybe you've seen them/had them before?

I (Andy) corresponded with Chad and asked him about this wonderful dual collection he has - his responses are in ORANGE.

When did you start collecting - do you remember the first item you got? 

I had a lot of these toys as a child, but didn't purchase one for collecting until right after college, so 2003-4. I ordered most of the original 12 Kenner figures over the course of a couple years. The collecting really started to pick up speed around 2011-12.

If you had a house fire and could only grab one or two items to save, what would they be?

I'd swipe as many of my childhood Star Wars figures as I could. Anything with sentimental value really. I don't have anything super rare, and I suppose insurance would help me get the rest back. But also I'd grab my children. Is this a trick question? :-)

What's next on the "get list"?

I suppose Yak Face, though I'm sure I'll get other things before I get him. Also, I'll snatch up any new Lando item I see. As you can see from the pictures, I'm a bit of a Lando fan

When are you going to open up your Haslab SAIL BARGE?

I've 99% decided to collect vintage Star Wars figures and vehicles, GI JOE's from 1982-87 figures and vehicles, Black series figures, and Vintage collection figures. If I start adding new vehicles to the mix I'm going to die in a toy avalanche in my office. So the Barge is just an investment right now that I'll one day trade or sell to get things I do collect. I'm hoping it appreciates better than the unopened boxes of 1989 Upper Deck cards I have at my parents. (Who here can relate to having boxes of baseball and football cards that you don't know what to do with? *raises hand*)

You can find Chad on twitter @Chad_Gibbs

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