• Andy Lemiere

Andy's GI Joe Corner | Holochronicles #showmeyourcollection

*Note: This write up isn't about Star Wars. It's a glimpse into why I collect, and how I got there. Maybe you can relate.

In the Star Wars toy collecting community, it's rare for someone to only have Star Wars items in their collection. Even if it's just a handful of pieces, most (if not all) have other genres/brands sprinkled in. Ever since the Holochronicles has been around, we have been fascinated by other people's collections and the stories behind them. Today you'll get a peek into mine. It's not the Star Wars parts however. It's the corner of my toy room that I've sectioned off for GIJoe.

(My GIJoe/Cobra corner, and me getting Scarlet for my 5th birthday in 1982)

For those that have followed us, you have probably heard me mention my GIJoes. While I have a passion for Star Wars, GIJoe was my first love. I have two younger brothers and growing up there wasn't a lot of money so my parents decided that the biggest bang for the buck was to get us Joes. We watched the cartoon religiously after school and it made sense for us to get them because we were all in!

With 3 birthdays and Christmas every year, it didn't take long for us to have quite a few. Yes there was the odd Star Wars, He-Man, Transformer or Ninja Turtle in the mix, but nothing compared to the volume (or coolness) of GIJoe. My favorites have always been Gung-Ho, Stalker, Cobra Viper and Firefly (but that list could be longer if I really ponder....)

When I think of GIJoe, I think of my brothers and I coming home from school and watching the cartoons - then setting up bases in our rooms and reenacting what we watched. It was just good, clean fun.

(Yes, I just quoted myself.)

I'm thankful that I have a mom that keeps everything. A few ears ago she told us to come get the toys out of the attic and I became the keeper of the Joes. Over that time I have sold and traded most of the stockpile we had, but there is group of them that I don't think I'll ever be able to get rid of. They're mostly in the 1982-84 time frame and while they aren't pristine (we played pretty hard with them!) they are precious to me. In a room full of Star Wars goodies, this corner will always mean a lot to me because of what it reminds me of: youthful innocence, my brothers, and simpler times. It makes me thankful for what I had and grateful for the experiences I had with them. I can still remember mailing away for Cobra Commander and Duke! This is why people collect: for how it makes them feel. GIJoe will always be "home" to me.

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