• Andy Lemiere

An Incredibly Display-able Star Wars Collection, Holochronicles #ShowMeYourCollection contest

Ed loves two things: the Washington Redskins and Star Wars. While we won't go down the rabbit hole of sports collecting, we will gladly peruse his Star Wars collectibles.

"I started in Christmas 1978 when giant headed, 2 1/2 year old me got the Death Star and some

figures. I mainly collect vintage graded Star Wars toys, game used Washington Redskins memorabilia, graded comics and Star Wars Hot Toys.

I keep and display everything in my basement. In the past 5 years I’ve sold a lot of items as I have switched my collecting philosophy. My new philosophy is, “If I can’t display it then I don’t buy it or keep it.” I try not to have my basement walls looking like a TGI Friday’s from 1994.

I also try to display my collections in a way that a non-collector, or “normie”, would appreciate. I typically only buy graded vintage SW because I don’t want to deal with fraudulent or tampered with items. I have however, purchased some modern Mandalorian 3.75 figures to include the Hasbro Pulse Razor Crest. They all were too cool to resist!"

Ed's favorite item his his AFA graded 80 Boba Fett. It took him awhile to get but looking at it transports him right back to childhood visits to Toys -R- Us. Here it is, along with the actual Fett from when he was a kid!

Like most of us, the space to put our collectibles is at a premium so we often have to maximize what we have. Not only does Ed do this in a practical way, but his display skills are excellent. Click on the photos below to enlarge them:

"The next items I am currently on the hunt for are 12 back graded MOC figures. I’ll take lower graded examples as long as they display well. I am also waiting on all the Hot Toys Mandalorian figures to be released over the next year."

What are your favorite pieces of Ed's collection? You can find Ed on Twitter @farris_bueller, and let him know what you think of his set up! If you have a Star Wars (collection of any size) that you'd like us to feature on our weekly #showmeyourcollection, hit us up @holochronicles or at holochronicles@gmail.com