• Andy Lemiere

An Imperial Collection Worth A Long Communique!

Anthony from Los Angeles is looking to stand out in the Star Wars collector world. You may know him better as The Imperial Communique (@TheImperialComm on Twitter). He's the guy that poses his figures into popular movie scenes and makes you guess which movie it's from. For example:

(The Three Amigos)

Anthony has been digging Star Wars toys since Christmas of 1979. He picked up a Death Star playset and a Millenium Falcon that holiday and the rest is history!

"For some reason I made it my mission to design a militarily accurate Imperial Army with the hopes of making it unique in the Star Wars collecting community." - Anthony

Thanks for sharing Anthony! Remember you can find Anthony on twitter @TheImperialComm. Let him know what you think of his set up. And if you have a Star Wars collection (of any size) that you'd like us to feature, let us know! You can get a hold of us on Twitter @holochronicles or email us at holochronicles@gmail.com