• Andy Lemiere

Ahsoka and Maul: A perfect balance

Balance in the Force has always been a theme in Star Wars. The Dark Side and the Light. Jedi and Sith. Master and Apprentice, coupled with the Rule of Two. As season 7 of Clone Wars ends, the dualistic nature of balance is being carried out yet again with the characters Ahsoka and Maul.

I believe we are witnessing the richest versions of Maul and Ahsoka we have ever seen. The dialogue and the dueling are some of the best Star Wars has ever put on screen. Both characters have been very popular with fans for a long time now, but I wonder if that is because they compliment each other so thoroughly. They are both imperfect characters who are fulfilling their roles in the Star Wars story...perfectly.


Ahsoka and Maul have obvious physical similarities; both are horned species, have colorful markings on their skin and wield dual light sabers. Their upbringings are similar in that they were identified very young as Force-capable and raised by the Jedi/Sith. Their masters were arguably the most powerful Force users of their era. And both had a complicated relationship with their sect that caused them to depart from their original paths. Both have felt the sting of betrayal from their code, but from that, they have earned a unique insight to the faults of their groups. This allows them to speak, or act boldly, sometimes in defiance of their leaders, for what they believe.

I just think of it as Maul has fallen out of the Sith way of doing things, and she has fallen out of the Jedi way of doing things. There’s a parallel there...I think a villain is most compelling when they’re largely telling the truth. I think for Ahsoka, she’s trying to balance the fact that she knows the Jedi are a bit blind to what’s going on. She knows they’ve made a lot of the wrong moves. She knows Maul was also ostracized by Darth Sidious. There is a lot of similarities between the two of them.” - Dave Filoni

Much like Rey Skywalker and Ben Solo, Ahsoka and Maul are frequently seen in the blue and red tones that have typified the Light and the Dark side of the Force since 1977. Though they both began as secondary characters, they have risen to prominence in Clone Wars and Rebels, often stealing the spotlight of whatever episodes they're in. In "The Phantom Apprentice" (S7 Ep10 of Clone Wars) we have a scene that perfectly portrays how dualistically perfect Maul and Ahsoka are in the Force. Red and Blue...Light and Dark...battling it out high above Keldabe, on a beam no less.

It's clear that Ahsoka and Maul are two characters meant to compliment the Force and each other in the Star Wars story. One begins from a Light Side perspective while the other starts from the Dark side. Together they bind the Light and the Dark and are forever linked.


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