• Andy Lemiere

Adam Frazier's Vintage Star Wars Collection | Holochronicles #ShowMeYourCollection

Like many of us, Adam was introduced to Star Wars toys through an older sibling. In his case, it was his older sister's "first 20" that he remembers playing with as a kid. It was a big deal the day he finally got a Boba Fett to go with his sister's Slave 1 because, "Once you have Boba Fett, the potential for play and creating new scenarios increases dramatically!"

"I spent weekends and summers going to flea markets, auctions, and yard sales tracking down Kenner Star Wars toys and other artifacts. When new merchandise started hitting shelves in the early '90s (Bend-Ems! and Power of the Force II) I made sure I tracked down everything, often getting two of each so I'd have one to open and one to keep in the package." -Adam

One thing we appreciate about Adam is that he isn't afraid to take apart his toys to fix them up. It can save you a few bucks and makes the item a little more personal if you put your own TLC into it.