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A Legends-era Author Offers his Opinions on Canon, the Sequels and Writing Star Wars in the 1990s

Star Wars Legends author, Kevin J. Anderson, is the prolific writer of 165 books with more than 50 having become bestsellers. Star Wars fans know him for his "Legends" era books from the Jedi Academy series, Young Jedi Knights and the Tales Of The Jedi comic series from Dark Horse. He has also written 14 DUNE novels with the son of the late Frank Herbert, Brian Herbert. His latest novel was published October 13, 2020 and is a DUNE prequel called Dune: The Duke of Caladan.  

In a forty-minute interview with Pete Fletzer for the latest episode of Around the Galaxy, Kevin shares the story of how he became one of the first authors of the "expanded universe" Star Wars sequel books, his thoughts on his work being no longer considered "canon" by Lucasfilm and reacts to the Disney-era content.

While many fans in the Star Wars community have expressed frustration that the expanse of books, comics and other content was no longer "canon" when Disney bought the franchise in 2012, Kevin shares in the interview that he was not at all surprised. "It never occurred to me that [JJ Abrams] was going to sit down and read 450 other books and figure out something that was not contradictory to a single other story that had ever been done." He continued, "I was pleased and honored that they created 'Legends.'"

Over the course of the conversation Kevin imparts eye-opening stories about keeping track of continuity with other authors' books and comics while the content was at its fever pitch in the mid-90s - long before Pablo Hidalgo and the Lucasfilm Story Group ever existed. He also takes a unique position on Luke Skywalker's astral projection sacrifice in The Last Jedi, one of the most controversial moments in the Disney-era of Star Wars films.

The interview is available as a 40-minute produced video below or you can find the complete, unabridged conversation on the Around the Galaxy podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, this site or wherever you find podcasts.