• Marie E. Wilson

20 Years Later: How Darth Maul survived The Phantom Menace to duel Ahsoka Tano in Clone Wars finale

To prepare for the return of Maul in Season 7 of "The Clone Wars" animated TV show, hopefully coming this Fall, I've put together a canon run down of Maul material, both comics and TV episodes, in chronological order to catch you up with our favorite Zabrak Sith Lord. While we see an older Maul during the Empire's reign in both Solo and "Rebels," I've left those out to focus on his journey up until "The Clone Wars" Season 7.

Maul is an amalgamation of many feelings, emotions, and actions--not one single word can describe him and this guide makes that abundantly clear. He is a deep and layered character with so many facets it's hard to get a handle on who he really is. Below we'll explore some of these facets as we dive into 3 comic books and 6 TV episodes that dig into what makes Maul, Maul.