One of the most amazing things about Star Wars is the sense of community among the fans. There is an instant connection between people who have a love of all things from a galaxy far, far away. If the very mention of the word "Jedi," "Skywalker," or "droid" brings a smile to your face, then we have something wonderful for you.


It doesn’t matter if you are a casual fan or an all-in student of Star Wars, The Beyond the Blast Doors Network has a show for you. From the very latest in Star Wars news and reviews, to collectibles from a bygone time; from interviews with Star Wars personalities to talk-radio style conversations among friends, the programming you’ll find here has you covered.


The guiding principles of The Beyond the Blast Doors Network are simple:

  • Create high-quality, positive content that appeals to all parts of the Star Wars fandom

  • Encourage an environment that is inclusive and creates a conversation with the content creators and the fans who enjoy it

  • Maintain a forum of positive, respectful conversation that is open to all points of view

We know that sometimes you want to watch your Star Wars content, and sometimes, you want to listen to it. That’s why every program on the Beyond the Blast Doors Network is also offered as a podcast that you can subscribe to as well as part of our YouTube channel feed.


Finally, we offer a way to support and become part of the network through our Patreon page. Various levels of support start at just $5 per month. Where else can you become a patron of more than half a dozen of your favorite shows all in one place?

If you are enjoying the content you find on The Beyond the Blast Doors Network, all we ask is that you tell a friend. You can also like, share, rate and review us wherever you are listening you or watching.

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