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    David Amelotti

    David's father showed him Star Wars when he was three years old and has regretted that decision ever since. An Edward R Murrow Award-winning television journalist and anchor, Amelotti brings his on-screen charm and humor to the Star Wars community through the shows he hosts on the Beyond the Blast Doors Network. "I enjoy people and love developing genuine relationships with them. That's my goal every time we enter our Star Wars conversation."

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    Gerry Cable

    Gerry (The Canon Junkie) Cable is cohost and social media manager for the dynamic duo that is The Bombadcast. A life long Star Wars fan who began creating content in 2018. By the will of the force he made his way to his first Star Wars Celebration in Chicago spring of 2019. At which he met his cohost and friend Scotty Jayro, a fateful meeting that would spawn the “One and Only” Bombadcast! A podcast full of deep thoughts and big laughs.

    Born and raised in Arkansas, The Canon Junkie now calls the Great Lakes state of Michigan home. He’s a husband, a father, but not a midnight toker, who enjoys film nerd culture and a good conversation. Oh and Star Wars...

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    Pete Fletzer

    Pete Fletzer is a freelance writer who was best known for his work in the mid-90s for Lucasfilm and Topps’ Star Wars Galaxy and Star Wars Insider  magazines. 

    Discovered by Steve Sansweet, he wrote content about toys and collectibles, unique fan stories and New York area Star Wars movie premiers. He was right in the thick of the Star Wars resurgence at the turn of the century, covering events like the Special Editions in 1997 and all three Prequel premiers. He was also the author of almost 200 Star Wars questions for The Amazing Science Fiction & Horror Trivia Game.

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    Scotty Jayro

    Scotty Jayro is the co-creator & editor of The Bombadcast. He is best known for his reaction in the viral video titled “The Rise of Skywalker Teaser Trailer Reaction Live” which has gotten a staggering 2 Million plus views on YouTube. His perspective on Star Wars has been influenced by the Prequel Trilogy and growing up in his twenties with the Sequel Trilogy. He is often noted for his bold opinions on the Special Editions & deep thematic analysis of the Star Wars films.


    When this proud Louisiana native isn’t podcasting he can be found in front of a class teaching middle school science, creating music, and watching movies with his peers. Scotty’s love of Star Wars has opened many doors in his life, but the best door it’s opened is his friendship with Gerry Cable. 

  • Andy Lemiere

    Andy is a 20+ year math teacher who has been collecting Star Wars items since 1999.  He especially loves the vintage toys from the original Trilogy.  He has a secret love affair of old Star Wars posters…..and a soft spot for Funko Pops. He also loves taking apart toys and seeing how they work so he can learn to fix others. Helping other collectors complete their pieces is loads of fun as well.

    When it comes to the podcast, Andy heads up most of the content and is point man for making contacts with potential guests.  He loves talking to fans and sharing stories.  There’s rarely a quick conversation with him!

    “We express our fandom through our collections.” - Andy

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    Shannon Moran

    Shannon Marie Moran is a Film and VFX editor and has worked for major VFX houses including Framestore, Moving Picture Company and DNEG. She worked on the Oscar winning film the Jungle Book, the Lion King, and the critically acclaimed Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Netflix Series. In her spare time she runs the podcast “Postcards from the Galaxy’s Edge” where each episode broadcasts from a canon planet or moon in the Star Wars galaxy. The title was inspired by the combination of the late Carrie Fisher’s book “Post Cards from the Edge” and the recently opened land in the Disney Parks “Galaxy’s Edge”

  • Josh Most

    Josh is a small-business owner and brings 20+ years of collecting experience to the table.  When it comes to Star Wars, Josh is into the vintage figures, Black Series, autographs and a dash of Funkos.  He is not afraid to put together a Lego set from time to time either.  He is a voracious consumer of Star Wars audio books - which might explain his secret desire to do voice-over work.

    Josh is a tech extraordinaire, and is the producer, editor, and creator of the podcast.  When he isn’t tinkering on his 3D printer or GlowForge, he’s trying new ways to make the pod look and sound better. 

    “Every time I jump on social media and interact with the fandom, I learn something.  And that’s awesome.” - Josh

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