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About Us: Beyond The Blast Doors

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From the farthest reaches of the galaxy, "The Midwest," Hello there! Welcome to our Star Wars conversation. Here we discuss different avenues of fandom, breakdown current headlines, interviews, and more!

Beyond The Blast Doors launched in April 2017.


David Amelotti

Creator and Host, Beyond The Blast Doors

My Dad showed me Star Wars when I was three and has regretted that decision ever sinse. I enjoy people and love developing genuine relationships with people. That's my goal every time we enter our Star Wars conversation.

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David Gilbert

Co-host, Beyond The Blast Doors

David is a St. Louis kid who admits he didn't know as much about Star Wars until he joined the show. Sure, he enjoyed the movies, but a comic book collection of hundreds of issues suggests he has issues of his own. Fun fact, this is the most recent photo of David without a suit and tie. This is six years ago.

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Jesse Buch

Co-host, Beyond The Blast Doors

Jesse is born and raised in Quincy, Illinois. A passionate Star Wars fan and avid cosplayer, Jesse has taken his Mandolorian cosplay to multiple cons including Star Wars Celebration 2019 in Chicago. He likes to grill steak.

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Marie Wilson

Lead Contributor on

I am so excited to join the BTBD Star Wars conversation! As a person who is deeply pasionate about every aspect of the galaxy far, far away, I'm always looking for ways to spread my Star Wars joy and love. I've spoken at cons and written articles on  a variety of topics but my biggest passion is canon literature. I want to help you find your way through the Maelstorm because what is out there is truly amazing!

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Jesse Stillman

Contributor on

Jesse lives in Fort Lauderdale Florida and enjoys the beach, film, Star Wars, and creating content for YouTube.


He is thrilled to join the Beyond the Blast Doors crew to share his love of Star Wars with everyone else who lives in the Dagobah System.

You can follow Jesse on Twitter @ComicsJls


Sam Catanzaro

Contributor on

Sam is from St. Louis, Missouri and loves reading fantasy, history, and the art of writing.


Sam has written articles on mixed martial arts, along with his own fictional short stories. He has been a fan of Star Wars since he was 4 years old and currently runs his own podcast and YouTube show called Underground St. Louis.


You can follow Sam for his takes on Star Wars and more at @SamCatanzaro


Jordan Hull

Director of BTBD Live! and Web Manager

Jordan has nearly a decade of experience working in professional television broadcast. Jordan joined the BTBD Star Wars conversation in October of 2018. Get lost in his eyes.


Steve Heineman

Comic Con Correspondent and Animations Designer

Steve is a St. Louis guy who has an interesting habit of attracting some of the strangest people and that includes the other people you have read about on this page. Steve's passions include film, photography, cosplay, attending conventions, and listening to the original Star Wars trilogy soundtracks on vinyl. 

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Stephen Garret

Brand Consultant and Lead Graphics Designer 

Stephen is a St. Louis brand strategist, designer, and consultant. He works with businesses who wish to streamline their media production and strategy. Implementing the latest design trends to create memorable user experiences. You see his work on our social media banners, giveaway announcements, and throughout

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